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Martial arts from tradition

From Guangzhou to Constance

The Wu-family Kungfu of Wushu Taichi Academy sees its origins in Hung Kuen Kungfu 洪拳功夫 (Hung-Gar Kungfu) by Wong Fei Hung 黃飛鴻. He was a famous kungfu master and has strongly influenced southern Chinese kungfu. Everyone in China knows his name. His most famous student was Lam Sai Wing 林世榮. His disciples and their successors have made Hung Kuen (Hung Ga, Hung Gar) known throughout the world. Wu Shaoquan 吳少泉, founder of Wu Family Kungfu, was the third generation of direct followers after Lam Sai Wing. Subsequently, his daughter Wu Mei Ling 吳美玲, as a direct successor in the fourth generation, founded the Wushu Taichi Academy at the Lake of Constance together with Dr. Martin Rüttenauer in 1986. Today, the tradition of Chinese martial arts is still taught here and continued in the fifth generation by Pascal and Christina Wu.

The Wu-family
Sitai Xiao Yanzhen with her students


Yap Mun Kuen – 入门拳

Over time, exponents of the Wu family brought more elements of fist, animal, and weapon styles into the Wu Family Kungfu, all in uniquely balanced forms. In addition, other southern Chinese Kungfu styles, especially the Choy-Lee Fut 蔡李佛 (Cai-Li-Fo) Kungfu, found their way into the Wu family Kungfu.

Sifu Wu Mei Ling developed the fist form "Yap Mun Kuen" (or Jap Mun Kyun) in the mid-eighties. She had gone to Constance and introduced her first students to the Hung Kuen form Fok Fu Kuen 伏虎拳. However, this form was too long for the upcoming training trips with her student groups to China. Wu Mei Ling founded the "Yap Mun Kuen" fist form based on Hung Kuen, Choy Lee Fut, Tiger and Dragon Kungfu based on the background of her family's deep knowledge. All variants of this form known worldwide clearly go back to Wu Mei Ling. First, Yap Mun Kuen was taught while training in a park in Guangzhou and on the beach on Hainan Island. Since then, it has become a tradition for every student in the academy to begin with our introductory fist form, "Yap Mun Kuen".

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Sifu Wu Meiling mit ihrer Mutter
Sifu Wu Meiling & Pascal Wu


Martial arts & sport

In our Wushu Kungfu courses we first teach southern Shaolin Kungfu systems, in the tradition of the Wu family. Afterwards, advanced students can learn about northern Shaolin systems and modern Wushu forms. In addition, those who are interested can take practical courses with Sanshou, Shuaijiao & Qin'na to learn the practical applications of Wushu Kungfu.
Gürtelprüfungen o.ä. gibt es nicht. Diese sind nach chinesischer Tradition nicht üblich. Schlussendlich denken wir auch, dass Freizeit ohne Prüfungsstress mehr Vergnügen bereitet.


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