With a Taichi warm-up program, you don't have to work up a sweat, unlike with a warm-up in Wushu or Kungfu. One should take the time to switch off, come down and train the focus.

Why do you even need a warmup in Taichi?

A warm-up program is there, as the name suggests, to prepare for the upcoming training. Therefore, the warm-up program should be adjusted depending on the training.

The warm-up exercises in Taichi, as well as in Qigong, primarily serve to stretch, loosen and open the joints. It is said that the qi, the energy, can flow freely and unhindered during the actual taichi exercises.

In Taichi we need inner peace, relaxation, lightness and centering, also known as grounding. Since we do not normally find this in our everyday life, it is very helpful to do this through certain warm-up exercises in order to facilitate our subsequent training. Advanced users don't mind starting the taichi exercises directly without doing a warm-up program.

What are the benefits

Overall, we see the following major advantages for practicing a warm-up program in Taichi. You've probably heard of them before.

Statically executed stretching exercises allow the body to relax by changing from the sympathetic to the couple-sympathetic nervous system.

A certain type of abdominal breathing strengthens the focus on the middle of the body. As a result, not only the organs benefit from it over time, we also train a better awareness and a finer perception in the area of the middle.

Your own focused and wide perception is trained through certain techniques of meditation. This generally improves body awareness.

The joints are opened gently through certain mobilizing exercises. In this way we counteract the restricted attitude towards everyday life.

Our Taichi warm-up programme

Not everyone who offers a Taichi course integrates a warm-up program into his lessons. In our opinion, however, it should be an integral part of the advantages mentioned above.

Our Taichi warm-up program is primarily aimed at beginners and intermediate levels to help them find their way to Taichi more easily and to be able to take more of the subsequent exercises of the form with them. Send

The program consists of gentle, slow static stretches that help you relax by breathing. Concentrating on abdominal breathing leads to centering and grounding. Here we perform a certain technique of meditation in order to focus. The exercises are also extremely advantageous to make your joints more flexible, since you increase the amount of synovial fluid here. They serve as an introduction to relaxation by concentrating on the body. This reduces annoying everyday thoughts and you feel as if you have arrived in the body.

The moment our student sits down and starts his warm-up program begins with Taichi. Because the will to switch off now and concentrate only on yourself and your body is the beginning of Taichi.

We also see our warm-up chart with TCM as a warm-up of the energy pathways to get the body going. You can practice the basic techniques such as breathing, standing, relaxation and focus in peace one after the other and on their own.

So if you find some time at home to practice taichi or qigong, you should still carry out the warm-up program, because these exercises are also part of the program and are extremely health-promoting.


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